Book Buyback Details

Book Buy Program Details

Book List Submission

Before submitting books, it's a good idea to create a King's Kountry account, this will provide us information to ensure you get your credit quickly.

To aid in describing your books when filling out the submission form use the following guidelines.

Click each picture to get a detailed visual sample.

Thumbnail of perfect book sample Thumbnail of good sample Thumbnail of average sample Thumbnail of unacceptable sample
Perfect Condition Good Condition Average Condition Unacceptable Condition

Perfect Condition - No noticebale wear and tear. Aside from price tag markings, a Perfect Condition book will look as if it was brand new.

Good Condition - Minor smudges and wear, the book looks as if it has been used but has been well kept.

Average Condition - Mild wear and tear, some fold marks in the paper.

Unnacceptable Condition - Any of the following problems make the book inelligible for buyback: Hand writing, Food Stains, Large Tears, Water Damage, Crumpled Pages.


Book Acceptance and Pricing

We accept all sorts of crafting books, with preference to those currently or previously in our inventory. Books not purchased from us will still be considered but may take longer for a response. A typical response to any request should be returned within 1 to 2 business days.

The price offered for each book is based on popularity, condition and rarity. The higher on each of these scales, the larger the credit offered. There is no limit to the number of books an individual may submit.


Shipping Process

Once your submission has been processed, an offer will be sent to you along with a request for your King's Kountry account information.

If you choose to accept this offer we'll send you a prepaid printable mailing label to the e-mail address on your King's Kountry account. Simply pack the books attach the prepaid label and drop them off at your nearest post office.


Receiving Credit

Upon receipt of your books, they will be inspected to match the descriptions provided. If the books are in the stated condition, you'll receive a gift certificate for the offer amount, the gift certificate will be sent to the e-mail address in your King's Kountry account.


Problem Books

Books sent to us that do not match the description provided or that were not included in the offer list will be set aside. An e-mail will be sent with a list of the problem books. The e-mail may also include a revised offer based on the actual state of the books (this will only happen if the books are deemed acceptable, no offers will be made for books fitting the "unnaceptable" description mentioned above). The problem books will be kept for 30 days from the time the notification e-mail is sent, the owner may request the books returned provided they will pay the return shipping fee. After 30 days the books become the property of King's Kountry.