FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Chair Frames, King's Kountry used to always have them but I don't see them on the site. Do you carry them?

A: Unfortunately, our manufacturer of chair frames went out of business and we were unable to find an acceptable replacement. For the time being we do not carry chair frames in our regular inventory. We do still have some stock of Wood Arm Chair Frames remaining though they are limited to local pick-up only due to the shipping requirements. Please contact us directly for purchasing details.


Q: I'm an international customer and my credit card is not being accepted. Can you help?

A: Due to security risks involving foreign credit cards, our credit card processor is vigilant against fraud. To this end you must be certain the name and address information you use during checkout match exactly to the information your credit card bank has on file. If you continue to have trouble making a purchase after verifying your information with your credit card company, please contact us.


Q: Do you still offer a paper catalog or color charts?

A: No, mailing costs, constant price and inventory changes, and the popularity of the internet have made it no longer feasible to maintain a physical catalog. All of our products are available to view online.