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RB015   1 1/2" Brass Ring
RB01   1" Brass Ring
PCC10   10 Curved Purse Closure
BAMR10   10" Bamboo Ring
FRSBW10   10" Box Wreath
CLBW10   10" Box Wreath - Set of Twelve
CLBR1000   10" Brass Ring - 10 Pack
PRD09   10" Dee Marbella Plastic Ring
PHPLRI09   10" Plastic "D" Purse Handles
RB10   10" Brass Ring
OS3PR-100D   100ct 3" Plastic D-Rings - Assorted Colors
OS3PR-100S   100ct 3" Plastic Square-Rings - Assorted Colors
BW017-016   10MM Wood Beads 16 Count Bag
MSDL1211   11 inch 1/2" Wooden Dowel with Ends
WGR11   11" Wood Grain Ring
CLB11MM12   11MM Orange Wood Barrel Beads 12 ct. Bag
H-194   12 Belt and Bag Macrame Designs
CLBR125   12 Pack of 1 1/4" Brass Rings
FRSBW12   12" Box Wreath
FRS152B   12" Brass Heart Frame
PCC12   12" Curved Purse Closure
FRS6002S   12" Steel Candy Cane
RB12   12" Brass Ring
CLBP12MM   12MM 16ct. Plastic Beads
BW018-016   12MM Wood Beads 16 ct. Bag
CLBR1300   13" Brass Ring - 10 Pack
WGR13   13" Wood Grain Ring
FRSBW14   14" Box Wreath
FRS14SR   14" Scalloped Ring
RB14   14" Brass Ring
BP00-08   14MM Round Plastic Beads 8 Ct Bag
WGR15   15" Wood Grain Ring
BW9018-12   15X18MM Walnut Beads 12 ct. Bag
MSDL1216   16 inch 1/2" Wooden Dowel with Ends
FRSBW16   16" Box Wreath
RB16   16" Brass Ring
CLBP16MM   16MM 12ct. Plastic Beads
BW1167-012   16MM Beads 12 ct. Bag (small hole)
FRSBW18   18" Box Wreath
FRS6003S   18" Steel Candy Cane
BW9018-8   18MM Black Wood Beads 8 ct. Bag
RB19   19" Brass Ring
CPD121   1926 Touring Car
RB025   2 1/2" Brass Ring
RB02   2" Brass Ring
PRR02   2" Round Marbella Plastic Ring
PRS02   2" Square Marbella Plastic Ring
FRSBW20   20" Box Wreath
BW1209-008   20MM Wood Beads 8 ct. Bag
BW006   21X28MM Fancy Grooved Beads 4 ct. Bag
BW9022   22MM Round Beads 8 ct. Bag
BW9022-0001   22MM Round Beads 8 ct. Bag - Maple
BP01-04   22MM Round Plastic Beads 4 ct. Bag
BPO2232-04   22X32MM Plastic Beads 4 ct. Bag
BW2229-004   22X32MM Wood Beads 4 ct. Bag
WOBE24X23MM4   24X23MM Beads 4ct. Bag
OSAB   25ct Assorted Alphabet Blocks
BW1252-004   25MM Wood Beads 8 ct. Bag
FRSBW27   27" Box Wreath - Set of Three
CO2MM   2MM Amy Braid
PCH03   3 1/2" Coin Purse Closure
PRR3C   3" Clear Ribbed Plastic Ring
PRD03   3" Dee Marbella Plastic Ring
CLPRS03   3" Square Rings - 10 Ct. Bag
FRS0030S   3" Steel Frog Mouth
CLSRS03   3" Steel Ring with Handle
RB03   3" Brass Ring
PRR03   3" Round Marbella Plastic Ring
PRS03   3" Square Marbella Plastic Ring
BP02-04   30MM Round Plastic Beads 4 ct. Bag
WOBE30x18MM4   30X18MM Rustic Tube Beads 4 ct. Bag
WOBE30x18MM4-0001   30X18MM Rustic Tube Beads 4 ct. Bag - Green
WOBE30x18MM4-0003   30X18MM Rustic Tube Beads 4 ct. Bag - Natural
WOBE30x18MM4-0004   30X18MM Rustic Tube Beads 4 ct. Bag - Yellow
CLB30x20MM4   30x20MM Wood Beads 4ct Bag
WOBE32MM4   32MM Beads 4 ct. Bag
WOBE35x38MM4   35X38MM Maple Beads 4ct. Bag
BW008   36MM Colonial Beads 4 ct. Bag
BW1381-004   38MM Wood Beads 4 ct. Bag
COJU4P7210   4 Ply 72 #10 Natural Jute 10 lb. Roll
FRS031B   4" Brass Frog Mouth
FRS0031S   4" Steel Frog Mouth
RB04   4" Brass Ring
PRR04   4" Round Marbella Plastic Ring
PRS04   4" Square Marbella Plastic Ring
BW2282-004   45MMX30MM Natural Oval Beads 4ct Bag
CO4MM100B   4MM Bonnie Braid Braided Cord 100 Yards
PRR05   5" Round Marbella Plastic Ring
PHPLRR05   5" Round Plastic Purse Handles
PHPLRS05   5" Square Plastic Purse Handles
WGRP05   5" Unstained Plastic Wood Grain Ring
RB05   5" Brass Ring
PRS05   5" Square Marbella Plastic Ring
BAMS07   5x7" Rectangle Bamboo Ring
BAMR06   6" Bamboo Ring
BAMPH06   6" Pair Bamboo Purse Handles
RATPH06   6" Pair of Rattan Purse Handles
RATR06   6" Rattan Ring
PHPLRS06   6" Square Plastic Purse Handles
WGR06   6" Wood Grain Ring
RB06   6" Brass Ring
PRR06   6" Round Marbella Plastic Ring
PRS06   6" Square Marbella Plastic Ring
OSFCT   6ct Bulk Flat Christmas Tree Frames
CO6MM100B   6MM Bonnie Braid Cord 100 Yards
CO6MM100   6MM Braided Elegance 100 Yard Roll
CLSQF069   6x9" Steel Rectangle Frame
BAMD07   7" Bamboo "D" Ring
BAMR07   7" Bamboo Ring
BAMPHD07   7" Pair D-Shaped Bamboo Purse Handles
PHPLRI07   7" Plastic "D" Purse Handles
PRR07   7" Round Marbella Plastic Ring
PHPLRR07   7" Round Plastic Purse Handles
CLPRR07   7" Round Plastic Rings 10 Ct. Bag
PHPLRS07   7" Square Plastic Purse Handles
CLPRS07   7" Square Rings - 10 Ct. Bag
FRS0312S   7" Steel Half Sphere
RB07   7" Brass Ring
PRD07   7" Dee Marbella Plastic Ring
PRS07   7" Square Marbella Plastic Ring
PCH08   8" Purse Closure
PRR08   8" Round Marbella Plastic Ring
PHPLRR08   8" Round Plastic Purse Handles
CLPRR08   8" Round Plastic Rings 10 Ct. Bag
PHPLRS08   8" Square Plastic Purse Handles
WTR08   8" Wood Tone Ring
RB08   8" Brass Ring
PRS08   8" Square Marbella Plastic Ring
CLBP8MM   8MM 20 Ct. Plastic Beads
PCH09   9" Purse Closure
PRR09   9" Round Marbella Plastic Ring
PHPLRR09   9" Round Plastic Purse Handles
CLPRR09   9" Round Plastic Rings 10 Ct. Bag
PRS09   9" Square Marbella Plastic Ring
PHPLRS09   9" Square Plastic Purse Handles
WTR09   9" Wood Tone Ring
CPL01   A
9912   A Complete Photographic Guide to Corded Lawn Furniture
8322   A Country Garden of Macrame
8322-0001   A Country Garden of Macrame - Used
PD1161   A Flair With Rings
PD1161-0001   A Flair With Rings - New
PD1161-0002   A Flair With Rings - Used
PD8028   A Macrame Christmas
887   A Sip of Macrame
887-0002   A Sip of Macrame - Used
7248   A Soft Touch for Macrame
7248-0001   A Soft Touch for Macrame - New
7248-0002   A Soft Touch for Macrame - Used
HH41   Accenting with Macrame
AC12   Accents
AC12-0001   Accents - New
AC12-0002   Accents - Used
CPD045   Ace of Clubs
CPD044   Ace of Diamonds
CPD042   Ace of Hearts
CPD043   Ace of Spades
PHADBT   Adamsco Butterfly Purse Handles
PHADSTR   Adamsco Round Strawberry Purse Handles
PHADSTL   Adamsco Strawberry Wrist Purse Handles
7133   Advanced Macrame
7133-0001   Advanced Macrame - Used
CPD112   Airplane
PS43   Alpha Blocks
MSOTAB   Alphabet Block
CPGL04   Anchor
PS73   Anita
CPD089   Artist's Pallete
7324   At Home with Macrame
Z29   At Home with Macrame
7324-0001   At Home with Macrame - Used
CPL02   B
MM481   Baby Boutique
CPD095   Baby Hippo
CPD100   Baby Panda
CPD092   Baby Penguin
CPD088   Ballet Slippers
PS56   Bamboo Towel Holder
9641   Basic Macrame Instructions
PS47   Basket and Purse
CPB61   Basketball
CPD066   Basketball
PS5   Beaded Peppermint Christmas Tree
CPB02   Beagle
7286   Belts a'la Macrame
7286-0001   Belts a'la Macrame - Used
CPD111   Bi-Plane
CCP1   Bloomin Macrame
CCP1-0001   Bloomin Macrame - New
CCP1-0002   Bloomin Macrame - Used
CCF3   Blue O' Henry Ceramic Clock Face
PS33   Bouncing Baby Bags
PS40   Brass Hang Ups
CPD116   Brick Mason
CPD061   Broken Tomahawk
FRSBV   Bud Vase Frame
CPD039   Bulldog
CPB62   Bulldog Head
CPL03   C
PS46   Calcutta Cord Accents

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