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CPPP08   Pattern Pack 8
CPPP09   Pattern Pack 9
HK28005   Peace Sign Beaded Sew-On Applique
HK28001   Peace Wings Beaded Sew-On Applique
E-63   Pearl Baskets Beaded Easter Decoration Kit
GK-0028   Pencil Tickler Feathered Top Group Craft Kit
CPD079   Penguins
CPD038   Peppers
BR-50   Picture Charm Bracelet Craft Jewelry Kit
E-16   Pierre Rabbit Easter Bunny Magnets Seasonal Craft Kit
BB666   Pig "Good Fortune" Hand-Carved Genuine Bone Bead Pendant
CPB33   Pigeon
PD1071   Pin-ups and Hang-ups
PD1071-0001   Pin-ups and Hang-ups - New
PD1071-0002   Pin-ups and Hang-ups - Used
JF400   Pink & Purple Round Metal Western Concho Slide
JF460   Pink & Silver Floral Coyote Metal Western Concho Slide
JF30356C   Pink & Silver Tone Heart Shaped Metal Western Concho Slide
JF2914-C   Pink & Silver Tone Metal Oval Western Concho Slide
YR-155   Pink and Crystal Lariat Necklace Beading Kit
JF451   Pink Armadillo Metal Western Concho Slide
E-47   Pink Beaded Easter Egg Holder Beading Craft Kit
JF453   Pink Coyote Metal Western Concho Slide
JF387   Pink Heart Shaped Metal Western Concho Slide
JF449   Pink Scalloped Oval Metal Western Concho Slide
RE0527   Pink Southwestern Triangle Painted Resin Pendant
CPD090   Pirate
JF40P   Pisces Fish Zodiac Sign Silver Tone Metal Bracelet Charm
JF38P   Pisces Fish Zodiac Sign Silver Tone Metal Necklace Charm
CPB60   Plaid
8223   Plaid's Macrame Chairs for the Sitting
8165   Plaid's Macrame Sittin' Places for Kids
8058   Plaid's Macrame Sitting Pretty
PS59   Plant Hanger - Table
DOLLSM-05   Plastic Child Bunny Costume Doll Face Mask
DOLLSM-02   Plastic Duck Animal Doll Face Mask
MSPLFE   Plastic Frog Eyes
29291   Plastic Icicle Christmas Ornaments, Pack of 12
DOLLSM-01   Plastic Monkey Animal Doll Face Mask
EYN-01C   Plastic Owl Eyes & Beak Beads
DOLLSM-03   Plastic Panda Bear Animal Doll Face Mask
DOLLSM-04   Plastic Teddy Bear Animal Doll Face Mask
GK-006   Playful Scotties Dog Refrigerator Magnets Kids' Group Craft Kit
HK17826   Poinsettia Christmas Beaded Sequined Sew-On Applique
CPD080   Polar Bear
OSP1   Ponte
P1   Ponte
MBH-11   Pony Bead Flowers Mobile Mac-A-Bead-Eze Beading Craft Kit
CPB34   Poodle
CPD035   Potted Daisy
LBWOBE   Pound o' Beads
G0346-000-3   Practical Macrame
EA-02   Pretty in Pearls Easter Hat Decoration Beading Kit
PT-8   Pride of the Tribe (Big Bear & Young Whirlwind) Southwest Craft Project Kit
PT-6   Pride of the Tribe (Great Bear & Rushing Bear) Southwest Craft Project Kit
PT-7   Pride of the Tribe (King of the Crows & Big Snake) Southwest Craft Project Kit
PT-5   Pride of the Tribe (Red Cloud & Grey Apache) Southwest Craft Project Kit
PT-4   Pride of the Tribe (Sitting Bull & Noon Day) Southwest Craft Project Kit
7119   Purse Strings Vol I
7119-0001   Purse Strings Vol I - New
7119-0002   Purse Strings Vol I - Used
7107   Purse Strings Vol. II
7107-0001   Purse Strings Vol. II - New
7107-0002   Purse Strings Vol. II - Used
PHDD   Purse-N-Able Double Dee Fashion Purse Handles
PHP100WP   Purse-N-Able Handbag Plastic Purse Handles
PS79   Purses - Purses - Purses
7475   Purses a'la Macrame
7475-0001   Purses a'la Macrame - New
7475-0002   Purses a'la Macrame - Used
3350   Purses Round The World
CPL17   Q
CPL18   R
MBR-1   Rainbow Fish Mac-A-Bead-Eze Beading Craft Kit
20-12   Raspberry Angel Wreath Christmas Ornament Kit
JF3109B   Raven Bird Gold Tone Metal Charms
082605-2   Rectangular Photo Picture Frame Charm
PUFF-9093   Red Apple Puffins Padded Satin Applique (10 pieces)
PUFF-A-46   Red Christmas Stocking Puffins Padded Satin Applique (10 pieces)
CPD001   Red Hat Pattern
CPB52   Remnants
RE30C   Resin Circle Western Jewelry Necklace Pendant
RE25D   Resin Diamond Western Jewelry Necklace Pendant
FRSSP14   Rogers No. 3337 Light Duty 14" Lamp Shade Spider Frame
CPD029   Rose
GK-0083   Round Concho Hanger Southwest Craft Project Kit
BB2901   Round Flower Hand-Carved Genuine Bone Bead Pendant, 4 ct Bag
082605-3   Round Photo Picture Frame Charm
JF45SS   Round Studded Medallion
PHK-SW2   Ruby & Onyx Dawn Pueblo Plant Hanger Craft Kit
CPB35   Running Shoes
CPL19   S
MBR-6   Said the Spider to the Fly Mac-A-Bead-Eze Beading Craft Kit
HK178259   Santa Claus Christmas Beaded Sequined Sew-On Applique
MM1-CC   Santa Claus Christmas Pin or Magnet Craft Kit
CPGL08   Seahorse
BG4518   Seal Glass Lampwork Bead, 4 ct Bag
CPD081   Seal with a Kiss
CPD110   Seal with Ball
CPGL09   Seashell
PUFF-9092   Seashell Puffins Padded Satin Applique (10 pieces)
9603   Seat Yourself
471460   Set of 2 Miniature Plastic Tennis Players
BU4-01   Set of 4 Autumn Plastic Butterfly Beads
BU4-04   Set of 4 Autumn Speckled Plastic Butterfly Beads
BU4-05   Set of 4 Green Speckled Plastic Butterfly Beads
389-F1200   Set of 4 Miniature 3" Artificial Plastic Ducks / Mallards
BU4-02   Set of 4 Orange Plastic Butterfly Beads
BU4-03   Set of 4 Orange Speckled Plastic Butterfly Beads
BU4-06   Set of 4 Yellow Speckled Plastic Butterfly Beads
P22-C5081   Set of 6 Resin Angel Icicle Christmas Ornaments
OS3SQB   Set of Fifty 3" Square Plastic Rings - Assorted Colors
CPB50   Shadows
CPGL20   Shamrock
CPGL05   Ship's Wheel
PD1173   Shortcuts
PD1173-0001   Shortcuts - New
PD1173-0002   Shortcuts - Used
PHPT   Shoulder Plastic Purse Handles
Z20   Showoffs
Z20-0001   Showoffs - Used
SK1   Silent Knot
SK1-0001   Silent Knot - New
SK1-0002   Silent Knot - Used
FRSHU2   Silver Hang-Up Stand
JF788   Silver Heart Shaped Metal Western Concho Slide
JF2080S   Silver Nickel Hoop Earring Findings, 4 Pair
JF15X4S   Silver Nickel Screw Barrel Jewelry Clasps, 4 ct
JF2070S   Silver Tone Metal Clip-On Earring Backs, 4 Pair
339S   Silver Tone Metal Large Maple Leaf Jewelry Findings
JF359   Silver Tone Nickel Metal Daisy Flower Stamping
JF342   Silver Tone Nickel Metal Leaf Stamping
GS15   Simply Elegant Home Decor
GS15-0001   Simply Elegant Home Decor - New
GS15-0002   Simply Elegant Home Decor - Used
GS14   Simply Elegant Kiddie Karnival
GS14-0001   Simply Elegant Kiddie Karnival - New
GS14-0002   Simply Elegant Kiddie Karnival - Used
Z21   Simply Macrame
Z21-0001   Simply Macrame - New
Z21-0002   Simply Macrame - Used
8165-0002   Sittin' Places for Kids - Used
8058-0002   Sitting Pretty - Used
MSCHACK   Size K Aluminum Hook
MSCHACN   Size N Aluminum Hook
DOLLSM-10   Sleeping Girl Doll Face Mask
CPD064   Slots 1
CPD065   Slots 2
12149-4   Small 1" Black Hair Female Vinyl Doll Head Wire Pick
12145-4   Small 1" Brunette Hair Female Vinyl Doll Head Wire Pick
12148-4   Small 1" Long Blonde Hair Female Vinyl Doll Head Wire Pick
12146-4   Small 1" Short Blonde Hair Female Vinyl Doll Head Wire Pick
DOLLSM-14   Small 3" Blue-Eyed Doll Face Mask
DOLLSM-15   Small 3" Dimple Doll Face Mask
389-F1276   Small Artificial Multi-Color Birds (6 ct)
DOLLSM-07   Small Black African American Girl Doll Face Mask
53549   Small Black African American Plastic Face Cameo Head
P-8218   Small Blue-Eyed Girl Doll Face Mask
HK020001   Small Bow Beaded Sequined Sew-On Applique
HK018202   Small Butterfly Beaded Sequined Sew-On Applique
PUFF-A-02   Small Butterfly Puffins Padded Satin Applique (10 pieces)
HK178261   Small Christmas Tree Beaded Sequined Sew-On Applique
HK178266   Small Christmas Wreath Beaded Sequined Sew-On Applique
HK28009   Small Flower Blossom Beaded Sequined Sew-On Applique
PUFF-A-40   Small Flower Puffins Padded Satin Applique (10 pieces)
OC178   Small Gold Filigree Ornament Crown
PUFF-9112S   Small Green Clover Puffins Padded Satin Applique (10 pieces)
490169   Small Lady Poly Porcelain Face Cameo Head
PAC138   Small Plastic Acrylic Miniature Pacifiers, 8 ct bag
PUFF-A-21   Small Red Heart Puffins Padded Satin Applique (10 pieces)
RE34C   Small Resin Cross Western Jewelry Necklace Pendant
83644G   Small Sugared Gum Drop Plastic Beads, 288 ct Bag
E-36   Small White Pearl Cross Pins Beaded Wire Kit
PWC42-1   Small Wood Cross Pendant (Style 1), 12 ct Bag
PWC42-2   Small Wood Cross Pendant (Style 2), 12 ct Bag
Z02   Snell Publications Macrame: A Designer's Collection
CLSFSM   Snowman Frame
CPD131   Soccer Dad
CPD130   Soccer Mom
PS44   Socrates
PS28   Sophie
REDA-5   Southwest Painted Resin Curved Bracelet Pendant
RE0525   Southwestern Painted Resin Round Craft Accent, 4 ct Bag
RE0526   Southwestern Sun Painted Resin Round Ring Pendant
7400   Spotlight on Macrame
7400-0001   Spotlight on Macrame - Used
PS6   Spring Baskets
CPB44   Square Diamond
H236   Square Knot Macrame Jewelry
H236-0001   Square Knot Macrame Jewelry - New
H236-0002   Square Knot Macrame Jewelry - Used
JFH028   Square Sunburst Metal Western Concho Slide
GK-0082   Star Concho Southwest Craft Project Kit
PUFF-A-47   Star Puffins Padded Satin Applique (10 pieces)
082605-6   Star Shaped Photo Picture Frame Charm
CA-03S   Star Shaped Silver Pewter Charms Beads, 10 ct
MM581   Starting To Macrame
MM581-0001   Starting To Macrame - New
MM581-0002   Starting To Macrame - Used
FRL3068   Steel Crown Frame

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