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MM361-0002   Macrame Purse-N-Ality - Used
7290   Macrame Purses All Around The Town
7290-0001   Macrame Purses All Around The Town - New
7290-0002   Macrame Purses All Around The Town - Used
Z16   Macrame Purses Purses
Z16-0001   Macrame Purses Purses - New
Z16-0002   Macrame Purses Purses - Used
MM271   Macrame Royale
MM271-0001   Macrame Royale - Used
SH1   Macrame School House
SH1-0001   Macrame School House - New
SH1-0002   Macrame School House - Used
SH2   Macrame School House II
SH2-0001   Macrame School House II - New
SH2-0002   Macrame School House II - Used
PD1151   Macrame Scrapbook
PD1151-0001   Macrame Scrapbook - New
PD1151-0002   Macrame Scrapbook - Used
MM155   Macrame Secrets
MM155-0002   Macrame Secrets - Used
PS54   Macrame Shadow Boxes
SS1   Macrame Short Stuff
SS1-0001   Macrame Short Stuff - New
SS1-0002   Macrame Short Stuff - Used
MM291   Macrame Showcase
MM291-0001   Macrame Showcase - New
MM291-0002   Macrame Showcase - Used
L725   Macrame Sketchbook I
L725-0001   Macrame Sketchbook I - Used
MS3   Macrame Splendor III
MS3-0001   Macrame Splendor III - New
PS18   Macrame Spring Cookery
H193   Macrame Start To Finish
H193-0001   Macrame Start To Finish - New
H193-0002   Macrame Start To Finish - Used
MSWTTPS   Macrame T-Pins (1-1/2 inch), Pack of 10
MSWTTP   Macrame T-Pins (2 inch), Pack of 10
PS62   Macrame Table
PS60   Macrame Table Toppers
0-376-04542-6   Macrame Techniques and Projects
MM311   Macrame The Book
MM311-0001   Macrame The Book - New
MM311-0002   Macrame The Book - Used
Z30   Macrame the Easy Way
PD1121   Macrame Things 'N Rings
PD1121-0001   Macrame Things 'N Rings - New
PD1121-0002   Macrame Things 'N Rings - Used
PS51   Macrame Tote Bag
7455   Macrame Tree-Time Favorites
7455-0001   Macrame Tree-Time Favorites - New
7455-0002   Macrame Tree-Time Favorites - Used
TT100   Macrame Tricks and Treats
TT100-0001   Macrame Tricks and Treats - New
TT100-0002   Macrame Tricks and Treats - Used
DC02   Macrame Unlimited II
DC02-0001   Macrame Unlimited II - New
DC02-0002   Macrame Unlimited II - Used
MM351   Macrame Visions
MM351-0001   Macrame Visions - New
MM351-0002   Macrame Visions - Used
GM7   Macrame Wall Hangings
GM7-0001   Macrame Wall Hangings - New
GM7-0002   Macrame Wall Hangings - Used
HA47   Macrame Wall Hangings with Weaving
HA47-0001   Macrame Wall Hangings with Weaving - Used
MW101   Macrame West
MW101-0001   Macrame West - Used
MWK1   Macrame Why Knot
MWK1-0001   Macrame Why Knot - New
MWK1-0002   Macrame Why Knot - Used
MW1   Macrame with Elefant Cord
HA83   Macrame with Potpourri
HA83-0001   Macrame with Potpourri - New
HA83-0002   Macrame with Potpourri - Used
GM9   Macrame with Style
MSWTMW   Macrame Workboard
718   Macrame Zodiacs
718-0002   Macrame Zodiacs - New
0-904330-00-4   Macrame, String and Beads
Z02-0001   Macrame: A Designer's Collection - New
Z02-0002   Macrame: A Designer's Collection - Used
L715   Macreations
L715-0002   Macreations - New
L715-0001   Macreations - Used
HA36   Mad About Macrame
HA36-0001   Mad About Macrame - Used
HA40   Mad About Macrame No. 2
HA40-0002   Mad About Macrame No. 2 - New
HA40-0001   Mad About Macrame No. 2 - Used
MM1201   Magic Mats
H-185   Magic with Ribbon Straw
PP13   Magnificence in Macrame
PP13-0002   Magnificence in Macrame - New
PP13-0001   Magnificence in Macrame - Used
78-66295   Magnificent Macrame
78-66295-0001   Magnificent Macrame - Used
MM-2   Mahogany Wood Match Box Lighter Craft Kit
H-204   Make A Keepsake Hutch
H-203   Make a Magnetic "Put-On"
HP-180   make it with... Yarn 'N Burlap
9226   Makeovers for Furniture and Decor
CPGL10   Mallard
CPGL22   Man's Best Friend
PS1   Marbella Goes Square
PS63   Marbella Goes Square II
CPD055   Mars Mission
PS17   Maxi-Cord Macrame Mascots
Z34   McCall's Macrame Vol. I
CC-11S   Medieval Sword Dagger Silver Pewter Metal Charm
CPD057   Medium Alphabet
HK021304   Medium Bow Beaded Sew-On Applique
HK018101   Medium Butterfly Beaded Sequined Sew-On Applique
PUFF-9428   Medium Butterfly Puffins Padded Satin Applique (10 pieces)
HK28012   Medium Christmas Tree Beaded Sequined Sew-On Applique
72810   Medium Gold Twisted Wire Angel Wings
JF30168   Medium Oval Scalloped Edge Metal Western Concho Slide
PAC178   Medium Plastic Acrylic Miniature Pacifiers, 4 ct bag
83645G   Medium Sugared Gum Drop Plastic Beads, 100 ct Bag
BB306   Medium Tiki Mask Hand-Carved Genuine Bone Bead Pendant
CPD033   Melon Seeds
8409   Memories of School Days
PS66   Merry Christmas from Maxi-Cord
MBH-14   Mighty Dinosaur Mobile Mac-A-Bead-Eze Beading Craft Kit
PD5517   Mini Wreaths & Candle Rings
5-150   Mini-Crafts for Greeting Cards
470930   Miniature Black Painted Plastic Baseball Player
HK280017   Miniature Christmas Tree Beaded Sequined Sew-On Applique
8328   Miniature Folk Art Collectibles
DOLL4826   Miniature Mrs. Claus Vinyl Doll Mask (Pack of 12)
470872   Miniature Painted Plastic Baseball Player
470864   Miniature Painted Plastic Bowler
470633   Miniature Painted Plastic Football Player
471465   Miniature Plastic Baseball Player
471466   Miniature Plastic Basketball Player
471458   Miniature Plastic Basketball Player Set
471462   Miniature Plastic Cheerleader
471464   Miniature Plastic Football Player
HK280015   Miniature Santa Claus Head Christmas Beaded Sequined Sew-On Applique
HK280016   Miniature Snowman Christmas Beaded Sequined Sew-On Applique
50-425-2   Miniature Wood Mouse Cage
HK28011   Mistletoe Christmas Beaded Sequined Sew-On Applique
HH30   Mixed Media Macrame
HH30-0001   Mixed Media Macrame - Used
MM1191   Modern Macrame
MM1191-0001   Modern Macrame - New
MM1191-0002   Modern Macrame - Used
CPB27   Mom
894   Money Makers: Projects for All Seasons
CPD082   Monkey Business
CPB47   Monogram
CPB64   Monogram 2
CPB63   Monogram Reversed
HA56   Moods in Macrame
HA56-0001   Moods in Macrame - New
HA56-0002   Moods in Macrame - Used
CPGL01   Moon Over Miami
CPD028   Moon Whimsy
CPB28   Moose
BB697   Moose "Friendship" Hand-Carved Genuine Bone Bead Pendant
HA-16   More Cornhusk Dolls
8194   More Just Plain Folks Folk Art Painting
HP452   More Macrame
HP215-0001   More Macrame - Used
8364   More Simple Joys
BKKW-01   More... Bunny Hugs
CPB29   Mother
PD1131   Much Ado About Knotting
PD1131-0001   Much Ado About Knotting - New
PD1131-0002   Much Ado About Knotting - Used
CPB30   Mushrooms
CPD078   Mustang
BK-SA-01   My Heart's Just Plain Country!
CPL14   N
NN1   Nan-Nel Creations in Macrame 1
JF2041   Native American Indian Chief Gold Tone Metal Charms
8718   Nativity Lawn Ornaments
509   Natural Decor for the Home
GS11   Natural Elegance
7109   Natural Knots
7109-0002   Natural Knots - Used
22-020   Natural Raffia Angel Christmas Ornament
ND1   Nature's Delights
ND1-0001   Nature's Delights - Used
7709   Needlework on Plastic Canvas: Nursery Time
GM4   New Ideas with Macrame
GM4-0001   New Ideas with Macrame - Used
PS67   New Lamp Frames
PS82   New Lamp Frames
HP450   New Macrame
HP450-0001   New Macrame - Used
9203   New Ways with Garment Decorating
BP13953   North Star Gold Plastic Craft Charms, 4 ct Bag
BP41697   North Star Silver Plastic Craft Charms, 8 ct Bag
829   Now Fashions in Macrame
829-0001   Now Fashions in Macrame - New
829-0002   Now Fashions in Macrame - Used
7659   Nursery Soft Sculpture
CPL15   O
8620   Occasions & Holidays
CPB51   Odds and Ends

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