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HK280016   Miniature Snowman Christmas Beaded Sequined Sew-On Applique
50-425-2   Miniature Wood Mouse Cage
HK28011   Mistletoe Christmas Beaded Sequined Sew-On Applique
HH30   Mixed Media Macrame
HH30-0001   Mixed Media Macrame - Used
MM1191   Modern Macrame
MM1191-0001   Modern Macrame - New
MM1191-0002   Modern Macrame - Used
CPB27   Mom
894   Money Makers: Projects for All Seasons
CPD082   Monkey Business
CPB47   Monogram
CPB64   Monogram 2
CPB63   Monogram Reversed
HA56   Moods in Macrame
HA56-0001   Moods in Macrame - New
HA56-0002   Moods in Macrame - Used
CPGL01   Moon Over Miami
CPD028   Moon Whimsy
CPB28   Moose
BB697   Moose "Friendship" Hand-Carved Genuine Bone Bead Pendant
8194   More Just Plain Folks Folk Art Painting
HP452   More Macrame
HP215-0001   More Macrame - Used
8364   More Simple Joys
BKKW-01   More... Bunny Hugs
CPB29   Mother
PD1131   Much Ado About Knotting
PD1131-0001   Much Ado About Knotting - New
PD1131-0002   Much Ado About Knotting - Used
CPB30   Mushrooms
CPD078   Mustang
BK-SA-01   My Heart's Just Plain Country!
CPL14   N
NN1   Nan-Nel Creations in Macrame 1
JF2041   Native American Indian Chief Gold Tone Metal Charms
509   Natural Decor for the Home
GS11   Natural Elegance
7109   Natural Knots
7109-0002   Natural Knots - Used
22-020   Natural Raffia Angel Christmas Ornament
ND1   Nature's Delights
ND1-0001   Nature's Delights - Used
HP-409   Needlepoint & Related Stitches by Lynn Paulin
7709   Needlework on Plastic Canvas: Nursery Time
GM4   New Ideas with Macrame
GM4-0001   New Ideas with Macrame - Used
PS67   New Lamp Frames
PS82   New Lamp Frames
HP450   New Macrame
HP450-0001   New Macrame - Used
9203   New Ways with Garment Decorating
BP13953   North Star Gold Plastic Craft Charms, 4 ct Bag
BP41697   North Star Silver Plastic Craft Charms, 8 ct Bag
829   Now Fashions in Macrame
829-0001   Now Fashions in Macrame - New
829-0002   Now Fashions in Macrame - Used
7659   Nursery Soft Sculpture
NS-193   Nutcrackers & Smokers to Your Taste
UN9-93   Nutcrackers Unique & Unusual
CPL15   O
8620   Occasions & Holidays
CPB51   Odds and Ends
CMO-01   Offray Ribbon Project Book 1: Needlework with Mini-Ribbons
WS-SC   Oh! Santa! Christmas Ornament Craft Kit
CPB31   Ol' Hot Rod
CPDED   Old English "D"
DOLLT1760   Old Man Vinyl Doll Head
PS29   Olivia & Oliver
16-300   One & Only Creations Bumples Dark Brown Bumpy Doll Hair
DOLL03-600   One & Only Creations Curly Doll Hair - Autumn Brown
DOLL03-500   One & Only Creations Curly Doll Hair - Sandy Blonde
DOLL03-3001   One & Only Creations Curly Doll Hair - Strawberry Blonde
DOLL07-300   One & Only Creations Wavy Doll Hair - Golden Blonde
DOLL07-500   One & Only Creations Wavy Doll Hair - Light Brown
DOLL07-400   One & Only Creations Wavy Doll Hair - Sunshine Yellow
DOLL07-200   One & Only Creations Wavy Doll Hair - Winter White
H-225   One Pour Mirror Finish
E-53   Orange & Yellow Butterfly Pin Beading Kit
PUFF-9086   Orange Jack-o-Lantern Pumpkin Puffins Padded Satin Applique (10 pieces)
CCF1   Orange O' Henry Ceramic Clock Face
PUFF-9109   Orange Pumpkin Puffins Padded Satin Applique (10 pieces)
CL164   Ornaments to Treasure
JF3006   Ornate Gold Tone Metal Pendant Jewelry Findings
CPB65   Outlined X
JF30162   Oval Scalloped Edge Metal Western Concho Slide
JF30163   Oval with Flower Pattern Metal Western Concho Slide
CPB32   Owl
CPL16   P
C-1116   Pack of 12 Miniature Yarn Doll Angel Ornaments
CS1016-01   Pack of 12 Satin Christmas Ball Ornaments 1"
ME-15   Pack of 144 pcs Bel-Tree 15mm Round Movable Wiggle Googly Eyes
ME-12MM   Pack of 144 pcs Darice E-Z GLU 12mm Round Wiggle Googly Eyes
ME-15MM   Pack of 144 pcs Loose 15mm Round Movable Wiggle Googly Eyes
WE04MM   Pack of 4mm Round Wiggle Googly Eyes, 1000 pcs
WE06MM   Pack of 6mm Round Wiggle Googly Eyes, 1000 pcs
MC-10   Pack of Blue 10mm Round Wiggle Googly Eyes
MC-4   Pack of Blue 4mm Round Wiggle Googly Eyes
BROV-12   Pack of Brown 12mm Oval Wiggle Googly Eyes
MEM-12   Pack of Multi-Color 12mm Round Wiggle Googly Eyes
8877   Paint it Easy
8947   Paint It For Outdoors!
8525   Paint it Suede
1025   Paint on a Happy Face
02154   Paint Puffer
8268   Paint-A-Sweat
8567   Paint-A-Towel Bath Guest Towels
8566   Paint-A-Towel Kitchen Towels
CPD031   Painted Desert
REDA-4   Painted Flower Resin Curved Bracelet Pendant
7522   Painted Treasures
CPD114   Painter
9248   Painting for Christmas Homespun Holidays
8524   Painting with Style
W55-221   Pair of 2" Heart-Shaped Nylon Fairy Wings
W55-220   Pair of 2-1/2" Nylon Fairy Wings
W55-222   Pair of 2-1/4" Nylon Fairy Wings
ZIMS-DF-3   Pair of 24mm Green Painted Plastic Frog Safety Eyes
F1881   Pair of 3" Gold Metal Filigree Angel Wings with Halo
BWA60156   Pair of 3" Hand-Carved Genuine Horn Fish Beads
72818   Pair of 3" Metallic Gold Padded Fabric Angel Wings
72816   Pair of 3" Nylon Fairy Angel Wings
2036-35FM   Pair of 35mm Green Plastic Frog Wiggle Eyes
DOLLC-04   Pair of 4" Black Plastic Clown Doll Boots
ZIMS-WF-1   Pair of 48mm Giant Green Plastic Frog Wiggle Googly Safety Eyes
HK0183   Pair of Angel Wings Beaded Sequined Sew-On Applique
JF094903   Pair of Gold Brass Endcaps for Thick Jewelry Cords
F31670   Pair of Gold Metal Filigree Angel Fairy Wings
F31671   Pair of Gold Metal Filigree Angel Wings
490108   Pair of Lady in Profile Poly Porcelain Resin Deco Faces Cameo Heads
F1883   Pair of Miniature White Plastic Fantasy Eyelashes for Craft Dolls (4 pair)
CPD101   Panda
8974   Paper Ribbon Country Dolls
9169   Papier Mache Santa Collection
CPGL19   Par for the Course
PS34   Pastel Purses
VCB695   Patch 'N' Paint Patterns Alphabets
VCB692   Patch 'N' Paint Patterns Bunnies
VCB323   Patch 'N' Paint Patterns Kittys
VCB694   Patch 'N' Paint Patterns On The Farm
VCB693   Patch 'N' Paint Patterns Teddys And Other Bears
8396   Patio Chair Favorites
8396-0002   Patio Chair Favorites - Used
HK28008   Patriotic USA Star Beaded Sequined Sew-On Applique
CPK01   Pattern Pack - Ten Children's Chair Patterns
CPPP01   Pattern Pack 1
CPPP10   Pattern Pack 10
CPPP11   Pattern Pack 11
CPPP12   Pattern Pack 12
CPPP13   Pattern Pack 13
CPPP14   Pattern Pack 14
CPPP15   Pattern Pack 15
CPPP16   Pattern Pack 16
CPPP02   Pattern Pack 2
CPPP03   Pattern Pack 3
CPPP04   Pattern Pack 4
CPPP05   Pattern Pack 5
CPPP06   Pattern Pack 6
CPPP07   Pattern Pack 7
CPPP08   Pattern Pack 8
7383   Patterns for Glass: Sporting Life Series Book 4
HK28005   Peace Sign Beaded Sew-On Applique
HK28001   Peace Wings Beaded Sew-On Applique
7642   Peaceable Prize Trophies
HP-140   Pearl Parchment Potpourri
8376   Pearls of Paint
GK-0028   Pencil Tickler Feathered Top Group Craft Kit
CPD079   Penguins
CL199   Peppermint Treats and Sweets
CPD038   Peppers
PD2030   Petal Pals
PD2031   Petals for Special Occasions
8516   Pickling for Beginners with Painted Accents
PS98   Picot Plant Hanger
BR-50   Picture Charm Bracelet Craft Jewelry Kit
H-205   Picture Sculpture: A Three-Dimensional Craft
BB666   Pig "Good Fortune" Hand-Carved Genuine Bone Bead Pendant
CPB33   Pigeon
PD1071   Pin-ups and Hang-ups
PD1071-0001   Pin-ups and Hang-ups - New
PD1071-0002   Pin-ups and Hang-ups - Used
H-210   Pinch 'n' Poke Clay Animals
JF400   Pink & Purple Round Metal Western Concho Slide
JF460   Pink & Silver Floral Coyote Metal Western Concho Slide
JF30356C   Pink & Silver Tone Heart Shaped Metal Western Concho Slide
JF2914-C   Pink & Silver Tone Metal Oval Western Concho Slide
YR-155   Pink and Crystal Lariat Necklace Beading Kit
E-47   Pink Beaded Easter Egg Holder Beading Craft Kit
JF453   Pink Coyote Metal Western Concho Slide
JF387   Pink Heart Shaped Metal Western Concho Slide
JF449   Pink Scalloped Oval Metal Western Concho Slide
RE0527   Pink Southwestern Triangle Painted Resin Pendant
CPD090   Pirate
JF40P   Pisces Fish Zodiac Sign Silver Tone Metal Bracelet Charm
JF38P   Pisces Fish Zodiac Sign Silver Tone Metal Necklace Charm
GM26   Placemats Plus: Purses, Pillows, & Playthings
CPB60   Plaid
8165   Plaid's Macrame Sittin' Places for Kids
PS59   Plant Hanger - Table
8137   Plant Pots & Pokes Plastic Canvas Book

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