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E-65   Easter Bunny Buddy Styrofoam Craft Kit
DOLLSM-17   Easter Bunny Rabbit Doll Face Mask
E-19   Easter Bunny with Basket & Egg Beaded Wire Kit
8547   Easy Applique Designer Shirts
PS2   Easy Elegance
8116   Easy Folk Art Stitchin' Plastic Canvas Book
PS97   Easy Knot Wall Hanging
HOTP724   Easy Squeezies
PS53   Easy Tiffany Lamp
HH-47   Easy to Create Images on Mirror and Glass
604   Easy to Do Dip 'N' Carve Candles
HH-12   Easy to Make Dolls on Parade
LP107   Easy to Make Fabric Stick and Lamp Horses & Unicrons
H224   Easy To Make Macrame Pothangers
H224-0001   Easy To Make Macrame Pothangers - Used
HH-10   Easy to Make Miniature Rooms #1
H-219   Easy to Paint Folk Designs
H-242   Easy to String Beaded Jewelry
HH24   Easy to Weave Wall Decorations
GP423   Easy, Elegant, Practical Macrame
GP423-0001   Easy, Elegant, Practical Macrame - Used
HA-2   Egg Carton Creations
H-189   Egg Carton Magic
HA-23   Egg-Cology
H-232   Elegant Shellcraft
791   Elegant Spool Craft Spooly Mac Dolls
HA52   Embroidery For Today's Fashions
GB338-022   Emerald Green Pressed Leaf Glass Drop Charms, 4ct Bag
GM15   Encyclopedia of Macrame Knots
GM15-0001   Encyclopedia of Macrame Knots - Used
PD99231   Enjoy Macrame January/February 1979
PD99241   Enjoy Macrame January/February 1980
PD99251   Enjoy Macrame January/February 1981
PD99261   Enjoy Macrame January/February 1982
PD99211   Enjoy Macrame July/August 1977
PD99224   Enjoy Macrame July/August 1978
PD99234   Enjoy Macrame July/August 1979
PD99244   Enjoy Macrame July/August 1980
PD99254   Enjoy Macrame July/August 1981
PD99264   Enjoy Macrame July/August 1982
PD99222   Enjoy Macrame March/April 1978
PD99242   Enjoy Macrame March/April 1980
PD99252   Enjoy Macrame March/April 1981
PD99262   Enjoy Macrame March/April 1982
PD99223   Enjoy Macrame May/June 1978
PD99233   Enjoy Macrame May/June 1979
PD99243   Enjoy Macrame May/June 1980
PD99253   Enjoy Macrame May/June 1981
PD99263   Enjoy Macrame May/June 1982
PD99213   Enjoy Macrame November/December 1977
PD99226   Enjoy Macrame November/December 1978
PD99236   Enjoy Macrame November/December 1979
PD99246   Enjoy Macrame November/December 1980
PD99256   Enjoy Macrame November/December 1981
PD99212   Enjoy Macrame September/October 1977
PD99235   Enjoy Macrame September/October 1979
PD99255   Enjoy Macrame September/October 1981
PD99265   Enjoy Macrame September/October 1982
BK-SS01   Etched Elegance in Acrylics
YR-161   Evening Delight Earrings Beading Kit
DC-M3   Evening Shadows Moon-Spun Dreamcatcher Craft Kit
NL400   Everything You Need To Know About Picking and Fusing
NL400-0001   Everything You Need To Know About Picking and Fusing - New
NL400-0002   Everything You Need To Know About Picking and Fusing - Used
8198   Ewe's A Lamb
SEI101   Exploring the Creative World of Phun Phelt
CPL06   F
7169   Fabric Decorating
7168   Fabric Painting Transfers Volume 3: Patterns for Men & Boys
MM891   Fabrications
8104   Faces & Places Folk Art Painting
MBH-1   Faceted Bug Mobile Mac-A-Bead-Eze Beading Craft Kit
9321   Faith's FolkArt Favorites
H-23   Fall Tree Beaded Wire Seasonal Craft Kit
CPD041   Falling Leaves
CPD036   Falling Star
MM811   Fancy Friends
7209   Fancy Knots
7209-0002   Fancy Knots - New
7209-0001   Fancy Knots - Used
8623   Fancy Show Tickle Your Fancy
BL2112   Fancy Textured Gold Metal Bolo Cord Tie Tips, 2 pcs
BL4708-NKP   Fancy Textured Silver Metal Bolo Cord Tie Tips with Pins, 2 pcs
8286   Fancy That Shirt
85013   Fantasy Masks Using Paper Capers & Glitzy Ribbon
8267   Fashion A Folk Art Collar
8765   Fashion Bows: 50 Bows to Make For Your Hair
8503   Fashion Florals
7447   Fashion Painting Book 1
7448   Fashion Painting Book 2
7490   Fashion Painting Book 3
7494   Fashion Painting Book 4
8618   Fashion Show Kids' Duds
8526   Fashion Show Show Stoppers
8559   Fashion Statements
8839   Fashions from Head to Toe
8530   Fashions from Memories
8951   Fashions from Sweet Arts
8554   Fashions on the Go
8555   Fashions on the Town
8447   Fast, Fashionable & Fun Victorian Fashions
CPB18   Father
9319   Faux Finishing: Flea Market Finds
B52   Feather Fantasies
H-127   Feather Fantasies
7266   Feel O' Fleece Christmas Crafts
7143   Festive Flames
FA1-0001   Fiber Arts - New
FA1-0002   Fiber Arts - Used
177   Fiber Arts II
177-0001   Fiber Arts II - Used
FA1   Fiber Arts with Maxi-Cord
OPUS1   Fiber Form and Fantasy
OPUS1-0001   Fiber Form and Fantasy - Used
OPUS4   Fiber Form and Fantasy 4
OPUS4-0002   Fiber Form and Fantasy 4 - Used
MM281   Fiber Frolics
MM281-0001   Fiber Frolics - New
MM281-0002   Fiber Frolics - Used
913   Fibers 'N' Frames
913-0001   Fibers 'N' Frames - New
913-0002   Fibers 'N' Frames - Used
B40   Figures and Flowers of Velour Crepe Paper by Aleene
C2-281   Filigree Art Deco Gold Tone Metal Charm
JF2234   Filigree Bow Gold Tone Metal Jewelry Findings
JF2220   Filigree Cone Pocket Gold Tone Metal Jewelry Findings
JF3171   Filigree Diamond Gold Tone Metal Jewelry Findings
30625   Filigree Floral Crescent Moon Gold Tone Metal Jewelry Findings
30626   Filigree Floral Wreath Gold Tone Metal Jewelry Findings
C2112   Filigree Gold Tone Metal Oval Victorian Frame
C2-290   Filigree Scalloped Art Deco Gold Tone Metal Charm
C2-350   Filigree Scalloped Art Deco Gold Tone Metal Charm
C2126A   Filigree Spiral Scroll Gold Tone Metal Charm
JF3078   Filigree Triangle Art Deco Gold Tone Metal Charm
GK-0010   Finger Puppet Pals Kids' Pom-Pom Group Craft Kit
CPD124   Fire-Breathing Dragon
CPB19   Fish
JF3042   Fish Gold Tone Metal Jewelry Findings
CPGL02   Flamingo
8546   Flashy Silk Floral Fashions
CL333   Floorcloth Designs & Accessories
8892   Floral Alphabet Iron-On Patterns
E-24   Floral Basket Pins Easter Beading Craft Kit
HK0190   Floral Beaded Sequined Sew-On Applique
HK0219   Floral Beaded Sequined Sew-On Applique
HK0220   Floral Beaded Sequined Sew-On Applique
WO-17   Floral Book Cover Wedding Keepsake Craft Kit
507   Floral Decor
30583   Floral Scroll Charm Gold Tone Metal Jewelry Findings
30597   Floral Vine Spiral Gold Tone Metal Jewelry Findings
HK019601   Flower Beaded Sequined Sew-On Applique
HK0222301   Flower Blossom Beaded Sequined Sew-On Applique
MBR-5   Flower Mobile Mac-A-Bead-Eze Beading Craft Kit
JF30159   Flower Shaped Metal Western Concho Slide
082605-7   Flower Shaped Photo Picture Frame Charm
HP-603   Flowers & Baskets
PS50   Fluffit Bath Set
PS32   Fluffit Christmas Tree
PS27   Fluffit Flowers
PS30   Fluffit Owl
PS31   Fluffit Purse
PS80   Flutter-By-Baby Swing
CPD025   Flying Angel
HK020801   Flying Butterfly Beaded Sequined Sew-On Applique
DB124   Folk Art Country Style
8889   Folk Art Expressions
8953   Folk Art from the Heartland
8183   Folk Art of the Old South
8035   Folk Art Painting Plain & Fancy
8114   Folksy Roly Poly Characters Wood Turnings
CPT16   Football Helmet
PUFF-9108   Footprint Puffins Padded Satin Applique (10 pieces)
2501   For Every Purse There Is A Season
2501-0001   For Every Purse There Is A Season - Used
FF-1294   Forest Folk
B10   Forged Kitchen Foil by Aleene
PS112   Forster Doll Pin Theater Presents Circus Friends
ELF205   Foster Children Mac-Dowel Furniture
ELF205-0001   Foster Children Mac-Dowel Furniture - New
ELF205-0002   Foster Children Mac-Dowel Furniture - Used
CPT01   Four Hearts
09536   Four Seasons Sampler
JF30153   Framed Heart Shaped Metal Western Concho Slide
8659   French Wash Sponging Patterns for Fabric
PS45   Fritz the Frog
CPD107   Frog
PS69   Frog Towel Holder
7535   Frog Wisdom Cross Stitch Book
PD3030   From Silk to Flowers
97-37   Frosty The Snowflake Christmas Ornament Kit
BB2910   Fruit with Leaves Hand-Carved Genuine Bone Bead Pendant, 4 ct Bag
9327   Fun & Fancy Birdhouses
FC-01   Fun Craft Fur Flower Patterns
042   Fun with Clay, Sand & Soap
H-173   Fun with Felt
PS86   Functional Creations in Macrame and Fabric
GM-17   Fur Puppet Party
7629   Furniture Fan Fare II
7629-0002   Furniture Fan Fare II - Used
8993   Fusible Fabric Fashions

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