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MM631-0001   Macrame Moods II - New
MM631-0002   Macrame Moods II - Used
PD1101   Macrame Nativity
PD1101-0001   Macrame Nativity - New
PD1101-0002   Macrame Nativity - Used
MM421   Macrame Naturally
MM421-0001   Macrame Naturally - New
MM421-0002   Macrame Naturally - Used
7421   Macrame Necessities
7421-0001   Macrame Necessities - New
7421-0002   Macrame Necessities - Used
PD1143   Macrame on the Move
PD1143-0001   Macrame on the Move - New
PD1143-0002   Macrame on the Move - Used
PD1141   Macrame Open House
PD1141-0001   Macrame Open House - New
PD1141-0002   Macrame Open House - Used
7338   Macrame Ornament Potpourri
7338-0001   Macrame Ornament Potpourri - New
7338-0002   Macrame Ornament Potpourri - Used
7218   Macrame Pets
7218-0001   Macrame Pets - New
7218-0002   Macrame Pets - Used
7226   Macrame Playthings
7226-0001   Macrame Playthings - New
7226-0002   Macrame Playthings - Used
HH11   Macrame Plus
HH11-0001   Macrame Plus - New
HH11-0002   Macrame Plus - Used
MP1   Macrame Portraits
MP1-0001   Macrame Portraits - New
MP2   Macrame Portraits Book 2
MP3   Macrame Portraits Book 3
MP4   Macrame Portraits Book 4
MP5   Macrame Portraits Book 5
MP2-0001   Macrame Portraits II - Used
MP3-0001   Macrame Portraits III - Used
MP6   Macrame Portraits VI
7499   Macrame Purse Boutique
7499-0001   Macrame Purse Boutique - New
7499-0002   Macrame Purse Boutique - Used
7262   Macrame Purse Fashions
7332   Macrame Purse News
7332-0001   Macrame Purse News - New
7332-0002   Macrame Purse News - Used
7407   Macrame Purse News II
7407-0001   Macrame Purse News II - New
7407-0002   Macrame Purse News II - Used
7284   Macrame Purse Time
7284-0001   Macrame Purse Time - New
7284-0002   Macrame Purse Time - Used
MM361   Macrame Purse-N-Ality
MM361-0001   Macrame Purse-N-Ality - New
MM361-0002   Macrame Purse-N-Ality - Used
7290   Macrame Purses All Around The Town
7290-0001   Macrame Purses All Around The Town - New
7290-0002   Macrame Purses All Around The Town - Used
Z16   Macrame Purses Purses
Z16-0001   Macrame Purses Purses - New
Z16-0002   Macrame Purses Purses - Used
L711   Macrame Reflections
L711-0001   Macrame Reflections - Used
MM271   Macrame Royale
MM271-0001   Macrame Royale - Used
SH1   Macrame School House
SH1-0001   Macrame School House - New
SH1-0002   Macrame School House - Used
SH2   Macrame School House II
SH2-0001   Macrame School House II - New
SH2-0002   Macrame School House II - Used
PD1151   Macrame Scrapbook
PD1151-0001   Macrame Scrapbook - New
PD1151-0002   Macrame Scrapbook - Used
MM155   Macrame Secrets
MM155-0001   Macrame Secrets - New
PS54   Macrame Shadow Boxes
SS1   Macrame Short Stuff
SS1-0001   Macrame Short Stuff - New
SS1-0002   Macrame Short Stuff - Used
ST1-0001   Macrame Show and Tell - New
ST1-0002   Macrame Show and Tell - Used
ST2-0001   Macrame Show and Tell 2 - New
ST1   Macrame Show and Tell For Beginners Vol. 1
ST2   Macrame Show and Tell For Beginners Vol. 2
MM291   Macrame Showcase
MM291-0001   Macrame Showcase - New
MM291-0002   Macrame Showcase - Used
L725   Macrame Sketchbook I
L725-0001   Macrame Sketchbook I - Used
MS3   Macrame Splendor III
MS3-0001   Macrame Splendor III - New
PS18   Macrame Spring Cookery
H193   Macrame Start To Finish
H193-0001   Macrame Start To Finish - New
H193-0002   Macrame Start To Finish - Used
MSWTTPS   Macrame T-Pins (1-1/2 inch), Pack of 10
MSWTTP   Macrame T-Pins (2 inch), Pack of 10
PS62   Macrame Table
PS60   Macrame Table Toppers
0-376-04542-6   Macrame Techniques and Projects
MM311   Macrame The Book
MM311-0001   Macrame The Book - New
MM311-0002   Macrame The Book - Used
Z30   Macrame the Easy Way
PD1121   Macrame Things 'N Rings
PD1121-0001   Macrame Things 'N Rings - New
PD1121-0002   Macrame Things 'N Rings - Used
MM144   Macrame Today
MM144-0001   Macrame Today - New
MM144-0002   Macrame Today - Used
PS51   Macrame Tote Bag
7455   Macrame Tree-Time Favorites
7455-0001   Macrame Tree-Time Favorites - New
7455-0002   Macrame Tree-Time Favorites - Used
TT100   Macrame Tricks and Treats
TT100-0001   Macrame Tricks and Treats - New
TT100-0002   Macrame Tricks and Treats - Used
DC02   Macrame Unlimited II
DC02-0001   Macrame Unlimited II - New
DC02-0002   Macrame Unlimited II - Used
MM351   Macrame Visions
MM351-0001   Macrame Visions - New
MM351-0002   Macrame Visions - Used
GM7   Macrame Wall Hangings
GM7-0001   Macrame Wall Hangings - New
GM7-0002   Macrame Wall Hangings - Used
MM138   Macrame Weaving
MW101   Macrame West
MW101-0001   Macrame West - Used
MWK1   Macrame Why Knot
MWK1-0001   Macrame Why Knot - New
MWK1-0002   Macrame Why Knot - Used
GM2   Macrame with a Purpose
GM2-0001   Macrame with a Purpose - New
GM2-0002   Macrame with a Purpose - Used
MW1   Macrame with Elefant Cord
HA83   Macrame with Potpourri
HA83-0001   Macrame with Potpourri - New
HA83-0002   Macrame with Potpourri - Used
GM9   Macrame with Style
MSWTMW   Macrame Workboard
718   Macrame Zodiacs
718-0002   Macrame Zodiacs - New
0-904330-00-4   Macrame, String and Beads
Z02-0001   Macrame: A Designer's Collection - New
Z02-0002   Macrame: A Designer's Collection - Used
LJ-220   Macrame: A New Look at an Ancient Art
L715   Macreations
L715-0002   Macreations - New
L715-0001   Macreations - Used
MAC721-89   Macrochet Mornin' Risers
HA36   Mad About Macrame
HA36-0001   Mad About Macrame - Used
HA40   Mad About Macrame No. 2
HA40-0001   Mad About Macrame No. 2 - Used
78-66295   Magnificent Macrame
78-66295-0001   Magnificent Macrame - Used
MM-2   Mahogany Wood Match Box Lighter Craft Kit
7257   Make a Table in Macrame
7257-0002   Make a Table in Macrame - New
CPGL10   Mallard
CPGL22   Man's Best Friend
PS1   Marbella Goes Square
PS63   Marbella Goes Square II
CPD055   Mars Mission
PS17   Maxi-Cord Macrame Mascots
Z34   McCall's Macrame Vol. I
CC-11S   Medieval Sword Dagger Silver Pewter Metal Charm
CPD057   Medium Alphabet
HK021304   Medium Bow Beaded Sew-On Applique
HK018101   Medium Butterfly Beaded Sequined Sew-On Applique
PUFF-9428   Medium Butterfly Puffins Padded Satin Applique (10 pieces)
HK28012   Medium Christmas Tree Beaded Sequined Sew-On Applique
72810   Medium Gold Twisted Wire Angel Wings
83645G   Medium Sugared Gum Drop Plastic Beads, 144 ct Bag
BB306   Medium Tiki Mask Hand-Carved Genuine Bone Bead Pendant
CPD033   Melon Seeds
PS66   Merry Christmas from Maxi-Cord
MBH-14   Mighty Dinosaur Mobile Mac-A-Bead-Eze Beading Craft Kit
DOLL4826   Miniature Mrs. Claus Vinyl Doll Mask (Pack of 12)
DOLL4825   Miniature Santa Claus Vinyl Doll Mask (Pack of 12)
50-425-2   Miniature Wood Mouse Cage
HK28011   Mistletoe Christmas Beaded Sequined Sew-On Applique
HH30   Mixed Media Macrame
HH30-0001   Mixed Media Macrame - Used
MM1191   Modern Macrame
MM1191-0001   Modern Macrame - New
MM1191-0002   Modern Macrame - Used
CPB27   Mom
CPD082   Monkey Business
CPB47   Monogram
CPB64   Monogram 2
CPB63   Monogram Reversed
HA56   Moods in Macrame
HA56-0001   Moods in Macrame - New
HA56-0002   Moods in Macrame - Used
CPGL01   Moon Over Miami
CPD028   Moon Whimsy
CPB28   Moose
HP215-0001   More Macrame - Used

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