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HK022701   Leaf Beaded Sequined Sew-On Applique
PUFF-A-05   Leaf Puffins Padded Satin Applique (10 pieces)
BB2912   Leaf Shaped Hand-Carved Genuine Bone Bead Pendant, 4 ct bag
MM301   Learning to Macrame
MM301-0002   Learning to Macrame - New
HP-412   Leather: The New Look
PS26   Lemon & Lime Plantades
204-08   Let it Snow Beaded Christmas Ornament Kit
HA24   Let's Cut A Rug
E-42   Light Pink Pearl Safety Pin Basket Easter Decoration Kit
CPGL03   Lighthouse
FP1   Linda's Family of Macrame Purses
H-161   Liquid Plastic Artistry
E-15   Little Bit Chick Magnets Easter Seasonal Craft Kit
CPD056   Little Ghost
PS24   Little Hooters
CPT04   Little House
CPB16   Long Diamond
CPB17   Long Double Diamond
BPSK48   Longhorn Steer Cow Skull Pendant
HH-18   Lovely Silk Flowers
CPL13   M
B2   Mache-ing with Clay Mache by Aleene
L713   Macra-Fashion
L707   Macra-Hangings
L707-0001   Macra-Hangings - Used
L709   Macra-Hangings Etc.
L709-0001   Macra-Hangings Etc. - New
L709-0002   Macra-Hangings Etc. - Used
CP01   Macra-Latch with Classic
MM1   Macra-Magnificence
7411   Macra-Mates Mother-Daughter Purses
7411-0001   Macra-Mates Mother-Daughter Purses - New
7411-0002   Macra-Mates Mother-Daughter Purses - Used
L719   Macra-Sculpture
L719-0001   Macra-Sculpture - New
L719-0002   Macra-Sculpture - Used
L717   Macra-Vision
L717-0001   Macra-Vision - Used
Z10   Macramagic
HA49   Macrame & Hishi Jewelry with Feathers and Shells
HA49-0001   Macrame & Hishi Jewelry with Feathers and Shells - Used
859   Macrame '76
859-0001   Macrame '76 - Used
7401   Macrame A Lullabye
7401-0001   Macrame A Lullabye - Used
PD1102   Macrame A Memory
PD1102-0001   Macrame A Memory - New
PD1102-0002   Macrame A Memory - Used
404   Macrame A Merry Christmas
7458   Macrame A Merry Christmas
404-0001   Macrame A Merry Christmas - New
7458-0001   Macrame A Merry Christmas - New
404-0002   Macrame A Merry Christmas - Used
7458-0002   Macrame A Merry Christmas - Used
PD1152   Macrame A Rainbow
PD1152-0001   Macrame A Rainbow - New
PD1152-0002   Macrame A Rainbow - Used
MM177   Macrame a'la Carte
MM177-0001   Macrame a'la Carte - New
MM177-0002   Macrame a'la Carte - Used
Z11   Macrame a'la Mode
Z11-0002   Macrame a'la Mode - New
MM231   Macrame Accessories
MM231-0001   Macrame Accessories - New
MM231-0002   Macrame Accessories - Used
HA58   Macrame and Other Fiber Crafts
HA58-0001   Macrame and Other Fiber Crafts - Used
7122   Macrame Animal Art Vol. II
7122-0001   Macrame Animal Art Vol. II - New
7122-0002   Macrame Animal Art Vol. II - Used
7331   Macrame Applique Purses
7331-0001   Macrame Applique Purses - New
7331-0002   Macrame Applique Purses - Used
MM111   Macrame Artistry
MM111-0002   Macrame Artistry - Used
917   Macrame At Home
917-0002   Macrame At Home - New
807726   Macrame At Its Best
807726-0001   Macrame At Its Best - Used
AW1   Macrame Award Winning Designs
AW1-0001   Macrame Award Winning Designs - New
AW1-0002   Macrame Award Winning Designs - Used
PS19   Macrame Baby Bonanza
912   Macrame Back to Basics
912-0001   Macrame Back to Basics - Used
MB1   Macrame Bouquet
MB1-0001   Macrame Bouquet - New
MB1-0002   Macrame Bouquet - Used
800   Macrame by the Bay
800-0001   Macrame by the Bay - New
800-0002   Macrame by the Bay - Used
PS48   Macrame Cat
PD1053   Macrame Celebrations
PD1053-0001   Macrame Celebrations - Used
PS71   Macrame Christmas
PS4   Macrame Christmas 1980-81
7269   Macrame Christmas Magic
7269-0002   Macrame Christmas Magic - New
7269-0001   Macrame Christmas Magic - Used
HA81   Macrame Craft Adventures for Children
HA81-0001   Macrame Craft Adventures for Children - New
HA81-0002   Macrame Craft Adventures for Children - Used
73-147330   Macrame Creative Design in Knotting
0-376-04541-8   Macrame Creative Knot-Tying
223   Macrame Crochet
233-0001   Macrame Crochet - Used
HA45   Macrame Curtains and Room Dividers
HA45-0001   Macrame Curtains and Room Dividers - Used
MM241   Macrame Decor
MM241-0001   Macrame Decor - New
MM241-0002   Macrame Decor - Used
MM601   Macrame Decor II
MM601-0001   Macrame Decor II - Used
PS20   Macrame Decorating Delights
MM251   Macrame Delights
MM251-0001   Macrame Delights - New
MM251-0002   Macrame Delights - Used
PD1180   Macrame Designer Showcase
MC100   Macrame East
MC100-0002   Macrame East - Used
GS1M   Macrame Elegance I
GS1M-0001   Macrame Elegance I - Used
GS2M   Macrame Elegance II
GS2M-0001   Macrame Elegance II - Used
GS3M   Macrame Elegance III
GS3M-0001   Macrame Elegance III - New
GS3M-0002   Macrame Elegance III - Used
GS4M   Macrame Elegance IV
GS4M-0001   Macrame Elegance IV - Used
GS5M   Macrame Elegance V
GS5M-0001   Macrame Elegance V - Used
GS6M   Macrame Elegance VI
GS6M-0001   Macrame Elegance VI - Used
GS7M   Macrame Elegance VII
GS7M-0001   Macrame Elegance VII - Used
MM261   Macrame Emporium
MM261-0001   Macrame Emporium - New
MM261-0002   Macrame Emporium - Used
SP1   Macrame Enchantment 1
SP1-0001   Macrame Enchantment 1 - New
SP1-0002   Macrame Enchantment 1 - Used
SP2   Macrame Enchantment 2
SP2-0001   Macrame Enchantment 2 - Used
SP4   Macrame Enchantment 4
SP4-0001   Macrame Enchantment 4 - New
SP4-0002   Macrame Enchantment 4 - Used
SP5   Macrame Enchantment 5
SP5-0001   Macrame Enchantment 5 - New
SP5-0002   Macrame Enchantment 5 - Used
PD1061   Macrame Family Ties
PD1061-0001   Macrame Family Ties - New
PD1061-0002   Macrame Family Ties - Used
MM391   Macrame Fantasia
MM391-0001   Macrame Fantasia - Used
MM341   Macrame Festival
MM341-0001   Macrame Festival - New
MM341-0002   Macrame Festival - Used
7203   Macrame Fever
7203-0002   Macrame Fever - New
7203-0001   Macrame Fever - Used
905   Macrame for Ages 8 and Up 2
905-0002   Macrame for Ages 8 and Up 2 - New
905-0001   Macrame for Ages 8 and Up 2 - Used
886   Macrame for Ages 8 and Up Vol I
886-0001   Macrame for Ages 8 and Up Vol I - New
886-0002   Macrame for Ages 8 and Up Vol I - Used
7240   Macrame for All Seasons II
7240-0002   Macrame for All Seasons II - Used
7281   Macrame for All Seasons III
7281-0001   Macrame for All Seasons III - New
7281-0002   Macrame for All Seasons III - Used
HA82   Macrame for Children's Rooms
HA82-0001   Macrame for Children's Rooms - New
HA82-0002   Macrame for Children's Rooms - Used
GM18   Macrame for Everyday Living
GM18-0001   Macrame for Everyday Living - New
GM18-0002   Macrame for Everyday Living - Used
819   Macrame for Home Decor
819-0001   Macrame for Home Decor - Used
907   Macrame for Home Decor II
907-0001   Macrame for Home Decor II - New
907-0002   Macrame for Home Decor II - Used
ML1   Macrame for Living
ML1-0001   Macrame for Living - New
ML1-0002   Macrame for Living - Used
NL200-0001   Macrame for Living II - New
NL200-0002   Macrame for Living II - Used
NL200   Macrame for Living Volume II
MM331   Macrame for Moppets
MM331-0001   Macrame for Moppets - Used
GM1   Macrame for Pots and Plants
7319   Macrame for the Holidays
7319-0001   Macrame for the Holidays - Used
906   Macrame for Today's Beginner
906-0001   Macrame for Today's Beginner - Used
HA77   Macrame For You And Your Home
LL101   Macrame Forms and Figures
LL101-0001   Macrame Forms and Figures - New
LL101-0002   Macrame Forms and Figures - Used

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